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Don’t miss this world-class, aerial event! Gowen Thunder 2023 will be Idaho’s largest-ever military airshow & open house with attendance expected to exceed 150,000.


Please join us for a family friendly, patriotic event that promotes community awareness of the Idaho National Guard, celebrates achievements in the military & aviation, and honors service and sacrifice. General admission is FREE! VIP tickets for premium seating are SOLD OUT for Saturday and Sunday.

four men walking toward a group of 12 men standing in a line at attention on a runway. Fighter jets in the background.

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Gowen Thunder Air Show is brought to you by the Idaho National Guard


For more than 75 years, thousands of Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen of the Idaho National Guard have shared the land and runways of Gowen Field with the city of Boise and the surrounding community. Today, the base is home to units of the Idaho Army National Guard and Idaho Air National Guard, as well the Army Reserve, and Navy and Marine Reserve.