On Friday, August 25th from 10AM to 3:30PM, the following personnel are invited to attend the Gowen Thunder 2023 Rehearsal/Family & First Responder Day:


  • Valid DoD ID Cardholders & their families


  • First Responders with valid agency ID & their families


  • Idaho National Guard Honorary Commanders & their families


Due to the preparation required to host an expected 150,000 guests over the weekend, and due to heavy restrictions on vehicle and personnel movement while the aerobatic box is active, Family & First Responder Day guests arriving after 9AM that day will be directed to park in the lot south of the air traffic control tower rather than accessing Gowen Field through the main entry.


This convenient parking location is a short walk to the show grounds and will allow final preparations to be completed while ensuring the safety of our members, employees, agency partners and their families.





Signs will be posted on Gowen Road directing vehicles to the designated Friday parking lot. Once parked, personnel will pass through a security checkpoint for ID card checks before walking to the show grounds entrance in the south parking lot of Bldg. 559.


Groups WITHOUT at least one valid DoD or agency ID cardholder will not be allowed to access the base.


Other Important Information:


  • Carpooling is strongly encouraged to conserve available parking spaces.


  • Personnel requiring ADA parking may use the Gowen Field main entry throughout the day on Friday. Only vehicles with ADA placards *OR* vehicles with ADA guests in the vehicle may access the ADA parking area near the show grounds entrance.



  • Military veterans who do not have a valid DoD ID card are welcome to attend Gowen Thunder on Saturday or Sunday.


  • Per FAA regulations, occupying buildings inside the Aerobatic Box, as well as any movement by non-essential personnel inside the Aerobatic Box is strictly prohibited from 10AM to 3:30PM.


  • Personnel arriving before 9AM are directed to avoid parking in any of the lots on the north side of Aeronca Street.  Those parking lots are all within the Aerobatic box and you will be unable to access your vehicle until after the show. After 9AM, all spectators will be directed to the Friday parking lot.  This is intended to be a convenience and safety measure that will likely result in shorter walks to the show grounds entrance.


  • Several food & beverage vendors, as well as many exhibitors and volunteers will be on-site Friday to support Family & First Responder Day.

Family Day Map

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